How to Celebrate a Birthday During Quarantine

Most people love celebrating their birthday with as many people as they can. Whether it’s going to a restaurant for dinner, going to a club or even doing a trip with your loved ones. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances we aren’t allowed to leave our houses. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a great birthday. Check out some fun ideas below!

  • Virtual Birthday Party: Set up a video chat with your family and / or friends the night of your birthday or that weekend. Everyone can cheers with a cocktail.

  • Host a Netflix Party: There is a really cool Netflix Party extension in chrome where multiple people can watch the same thing at the exact same time. There is even a chat room where you can type while watching! If you need recommendations on what to watch you can read my article about the Best Shows to Binge on Netflix Right Now.

  • Spa Day: Pamper yourself! It is your day. Order bath salts, masks, scented candles, nail polish and bath bombs. You can find some recommendations in my article Self-Care Products to Buy.

  • Plan a Group Workout: There are dozens of gyms and studios who are offering free live-streaming workouts. You can find some examples in my article Best Free Workouts to Stream Online.

Happy birthday!

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